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A tiled roof has a lot of benefits and not many drawbacks. The benefits are that it will save you a lot of money on heating bills over the winter and will not be too hot for the summer. It will also Sound a lot better than the traditional conservatory roof as the solid roof will allow protection from the sound of rain thumping on the glass. It can also make the conservatory look 100 times better. But a drawback is that if your conservatory isn’t strong enough to hold a solid roof the whole thing will have to be rebuilt and another one is you will lose most of the sunlight that comes in during the summer but you can work around that and have skylights put in to keep most of the sunlight that comes in the summertime.

Another benefit is that you can match up your tiles from your house and have the same coloured ones on your conservatory to make it look very neat and tidy, so when you have parties or BBQs or even just people round they will be able to see how great it all looks like one and not look like two separate buildings, unless if that’s what you are going for as like a different section to the house that people can go to, to get out the way or just chill.

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