Who we are

Warmer Roof are the UK’s leading design and manufacturers for timber-framed conservatory roofs which can also be used on extensions. The ‘Warm Roof’ design was conceived through the use of a unique modular pod system, pre-fabricated to speed up installation time and minimise disruption on site. Engineered without compromise, our breathtaking product range has the power to redefine your home whilst adding value to your property all of which can be seen at the company’s specially built 5,000 square ft showroom housed next to our 18,000 square ft factory in Frome, Somerset.

Our Vision

From humble beginnings, armed with a vision and the determination to offer customers a new and exciting product that would transform their conservatory in an easy and affordable way. Warmer Roof is now regarded for being one of the most competitive roof system on the market whilst not compromising on quality. Value for money is at the heart of our business strategy combining cost, quality and sustainability

5 day turnaround

Our state of the art software and machinery allow us to manufacture all Warmer Roofs quicker than ever.

Tested & Approved

Structurally approved by our own specialist engineers.


25 Year manufacturing warranty. 40-year tile manufacturer’s warranty.

Warmer Roof has
Green credentials


All timbers used in production are sourced from replenishable forest programmes where three trees are re-planted for every one used.

Clean air

Think of trees as the world’s air filtration system. Every day, through photosynthesis, forests all over the globe ingest CO², locking in the carbon, and generating fresh oxygen


Before deciding which trees to fell, drones are flown to identify zones that should be left alone ensuring wildlife continues to flourish.

Minimal waste

We use recycled materials during production to dramatically reduce waste to landfill.

Our dedicated team of experts

Our team of professionals specialise in the creation of all Warmer Roof solutions and all work towards the same objective. That is to produce high quality products through intelligent and thoughtful designs. From our design, manufacturing and customer support team each with their own role in this highly specialist field, all of which deploy professionalism in every aspect.


Why not book an appointment with
our friendly sales team to discuss
how Warmer Roof can become your
new trusted roof supplier.


Our highly skilled production team
will commence fabrication to the
highest of standards, providing you
with a quality ‘made to measure’ product.


Our specialist in-house design team
are here to offer professional advice
and discuss design options.

Visit our
Frome factory

We are utterly dedicated to precision and quality which is why all Warmer Roof products are manufactured in our UK factory allowing us to oversea quality control through ISO 9001 manufacturing systems.

Call our team to book your factory visit 01373 473 900

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Your questions

Will a new roof reduce the noise I can hear from outside?
A Warmer Roof will substantially reduce external noise especially as the roof insulation itself has acoustic performance properties. This considerable noise reduction will allow you to be more relaxed, especially during inclement weather.
Will my new room feel darker inside?
A reduction in natural light will occur when replacing your existing roof. Adding opening roof lights with internal lighting will make your room feel bright and airy.
Is condensation really a problem with other roof systems?
Yes, condensation build-up within the roof structure can cause you endless problems down the line such as damp patches, leaks and plasterboard cracking. Our wooden structure combined with our exceptional thermal performance can be sure to put your mind at ease.
Do I need Building Control approval?

Generally, Building Control is required but it is wise to consult with your local council’s Building Control department as Building Control opinion can vary from council to council. Warmer Roof hs Building Control accreditation so this makes Building Control applications less complicated as an approved roofing system is being used.

Can I make the appearance of my new roof blend in with my house.
Absolutely, you can customise your Warmer Roof with a range of tile options, gutter and fascia colours to blend in perfectly with your existing home
Will my new roof be strong enough to stand on to clean house windows?
Yes, your Warmer Roof is strong enough to stand on but we advise on all health and safety procedures being carried out prior to doing so.
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