Building Control is often perceived as a burden within the industry that
puts off perspective trade customers from venturing into the solid roof
market. When dealing with third-party building control that do not
fully understand the system being installed, it can cause huge delays
on the project, countless queries being raised and endless amounts of
documentation to be provided. Warmer Roof have created a process
which eradicates all the above, meaning a smooth process from start
to finish.

Your Warmer Roof has been independently tested and certified by
LABC, These tests involved detailed analysis and verification of the roof system from independently sourced structural calculations, along with further assessment checks on thermal performance and condensation risk analysis and as a result granted with a System Approval.

Our in-house specialist
team are here to guide you
every step of the way

We understand the process can seem a daunting for any first-time building control users. For this reason, LABC have created a dedicated team specialising in Warmer Roof applications. This personal touch is designed to further enhance your building control process providing expert advice from start to finish.


  • Dedicated in-house team specialising in Warmer Roof System builds
  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Expert advice to guide you and resolve any issues quickly
  • Personal approach service
  • Covers the majority of the UK (except Scotland
  • Consistent approach through dedicated project manager
  • Fast response to enquiries and inspection requests via the Building Control project team
  • Pre-application advice to help reduce delays and unexpected costs at the time of the quote
  • One-stop administration service
  • In-house SAP calculation assessor

Getting started

Applications cannot be made after the works have started and LABC will need at least 5 days’ notice to register the application. If work has already started LABC will not fulfil the building control application.

Download our PDF application form and other useful information.

Applications should be completed in full including your contact details; the name and address of the householder: describing the work being done and your proposed start date

Application forms should be emailed to Buildingcontrol@warmerroof.com

Upon receipt of the form or email, LABC will register your project with ‘initial notice’ before works commence on site.