How It Works

Below is the installation process on the replacement roof service that Warmer Roof is able to provide our customers.


The first step of installing your new replacement roof is to remove your old conservatory roof.


Once the old roof has been removed we will then install the Glulam eaves beam to the conservatory frame.


Individual pods including pre-cut & fitted insulation is then located, glued and bolted in to position.


A waterproof air permeable felt membrane is then installed. The roof is waterproof within hours.


Eaves protection is fitted, once this has been done tiling can begin ahead of fascia & gutter fixing.


30mm EPS is provided along with 12.5mm plasterboard ready for finished plastering.

About Warmer Roof

Warmer Roof is designed to be used as a roof replacement to existing conservatories, and features a U-value of 0.14.
This “warm roof” design was conceived through the use of a pod system (patent granted) finished off externally with lightweight tiles, which are available in a wide range of colours to match your home.

Regulation compliant:

All structural and building regulations are met thanks to careful design and engineering. The roof has been extensively tested and certificates issued to ensure it complies and exceeds the current Building Regulation requirements for both structural and thermal performance.

Made from pre-built pods for maximum efficiency on-site:

A roof pod is a boarded one piece timber framework section, either shaped or rectangular, which forms a structural link between both the eaves and ridge. These pods are factory pre-assembled using roofing grade timber (1) and have been specifically designed to replace existing glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatories. All pod joints are glued and screwed together before being boarded with 15mm OSB roofing sheets (2).

The one piece roof pods are then glued and screwed onto a continuous Glulam* ring beam (3) attached to the head of the window frames, which are finished with a 150mm fascia board (4) and an ‘ogee’ decorative gutter system (5). This specially produced and engineered beam provides incredible structural strength, long term durability and performance.

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