Tiled Roof Conservatories!


There are so many benefits to a tiled roof conservatory, first of all, it looks a lot better than just the standard panels and in the long run, will save you more money than what you will spend on the added tiled roof. This is because it can keep the heat trapped in the conservatory and not let it seep out like it does in the standard ones but it also won’t let it get too hot and keep it a nice temperature.

No matter the style or shape of your conservatory, Warmer Roof have the perfect replacement roof for you, whether it be for an Edwardian Conservatory, Gable End, Victorian, Lean To and more!

Just look at our many happy customer reviews across the UK to see how they have benefited from a Warmer Conservatory Roof. Want to know how the replacement roof service works? Simply take a look at our simple 6 step guide on our website.

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The ultimate ‘U Value of 0.14Wm2 guaranteed. Achieving building regulation requirements.


Insulation which prevents any risk of condensation and stops the build-up of damp within the roof.


To eliminate all condensation risks and making it a true warm roof construction

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