Upgrade To A Tiled Roof Conservatory

Upgrading your conservatory roof is a must for winter as you don’t want your conservatory to be hit with the really low temperatures of winter as if you have a polycarbonate roof then your conservatory won’t be able to keep the heat in as the insulation is really poor, but a tiled one has great insulation and has a 10 year guarantee once it is installed. This roof will leave you feeling warm during the winter and cool during the summer as it doesn’t let anything out or in the conservatory which makes an ideal place to be all year round and have the most ideal temperature possible.

Being able to use your conservatory all year round is a must and it only takes that one small change of the roof material and you will enjoy your conservatory for the whole year.

If you are interested in our services and you want to upgrade, be sure to fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.