This is an English design that if you guessed it originated in the Victorian times. The style is adaptable to any building shape and therefore makes it the better choice. Generally, Victorian styled conservatories have 3, 5 or 7 facets.  The multifaceted design will give you a panoramic view of your garden and or surrounding areas. The style of the conservatory means that it looks amazing on older houses and a stylish addition to new builds.

The more circular design gives the conservatory a very different look to all the others and if you like to be different than everyone else then this is the perfect one for you as it is still popular, it’s just no other conservatory is as round as this one and therefore will stand out from all the other designs.

With the many different variations of our colours and styles, you can personalize it to look exactly how you want it. Whether you want it to blend in or stand out from your house, you can do both.

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